Internet for a Comic Geek

This is an interesting topic. The internet has evolved in such ways that I’m literally talking to you through it. It helped evolve communications, marketing and the way we see everything around us. But like everything around us, it took a lot of time to upgrade the internet to what we have right now.

[Video from Life Noggin]

But enough about the internet and its impact to the world, let’s emphasize it’s role in my daily life. As you may know, I’m a HUGE comic book fan. Even though the feeling of paper in my hands is something I wouldn’t trade anything for, I prefer reading digital comics because it won’t get any unfortunate stains caused by the younger members of my family… or my own.

[GIF by Huffpost]

Besides reading, I use the internet to learn all the possible news regarding the comic book industry. And I must admit that from time to time, I like to have some debates on social media. You have no idea the duration of a conversation regarding my favorite Robin. I’ll give you a hint:


[Comic Con 2013 – Tim Drake cosplayer by Christopher Brown CC Licensed]

If you guys are not big comic fans and are more attracted to movies and tv shows, the internet has a place for you too. With the inclusion of digital movies, you can watch anything and anywhere without the need of carrying a physical copy of what you want to watch.


[portatil-tablet-smartphone by Miniyo73 CC Licensed]

What do you guys think? Are you more of a page flipper or a screen swiper? Let me know on my Twitter poll.


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