First of all, let me make something clear. The title has more than one “A”.

For those who might not know what CRAAP actually stands for,  it means currency, relevance, authority, accuracy, and purpose.  This is really useful when it comes to evaluating certain references. As part of my Computing Basics class at the University of the Sacred Heart, I’ll present to you guys an academic bibliography and its exact ratings in the CRAAP Test. Since we at Comic Patrol love comic books, what better criteria to use in the selection of the references than comic books and its role in society?

  • Decker, A. C., & Castro, M. (2012). Teaching history with comic books: a case study of violence, war, and the graphic novel. The History Teacher, 45(2), 169–187.
  • Gerde, V. W., & Foster, R. S. (2007). X-men ethics: using comic books to teach business ethics. Journal of Business Ethics, 77(3), 245–258.
  • Germaine, A. E. (2016). Disability and depression in Thor comic books. Disability Studies Quarterly, 36(3). Retrieved from
  • Gulanowski, J. (2017). The presentations of the family in comic books – ideological involvements. Wychowanie w Rodzinie, III(3/2011), 219–238.
  • Hoult, T. F. (1949). Comic books and juvenile delinquency. Sociology & Social Research, 33, 279–284.

The CRAAP test ratings are 14,13,15,15, and 12 respectively. Basing on these scores, I believe that the first, second and the last reference are the ones that should probably be discarded for any academic use.

Featured Image: Referencing by Ricol1


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