Hurricane Maria

Hey guys! For those of you who don’t know or were trapped in Brainiac’s ship, it has been more than a year since hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. As part of my Computer Basics class, I’ll tell you guys about my experience with the hurricane.

How did I feel? Well, in all honesty, I was calm. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great impact to the nation. But my house and family were almost undamaged. In terms of loss, I think I only lost a sofa and a dining table. But besides those, even though I had no internet to read comic books, my family and I were actually in peace.

How was it like? My family was prepared in terms of food, but we never thought how strong the winds were going to be and how much rain was going to enter or home. And don’t let me begin with the sounds of the trees crashing down. I have to admit, that scared me a little.

Puerto Rico Hurricane GIF by Marcie Lacerte

How sad and painful was it? I sometimes believe I wasn’t part of it. Sure, I lost things and it was dreadful. But, there were many other people that lost way more than I did. I had a home, food, family and a vehicle. Even right now, there are people that still haven’t fully recovered. In comparison to what I know about other people’s losses, I believe I was blessed.

What did I learn? To never take things for granted. Seriously! Many people live ungrateful with what they have. We never know when we are able to lose everything, so you guys, should be grateful about everything you have in your possession.

How did it affect me? Well, in summary with what I just wrote, Hurricane Maria made me more mature. I’m grateful for everything I have and appreciated every instance I had hep from anyone.

Now that I finished with my experience with this hurricane, how about I present you guys how comic books influenced across the island reacted? Hurricane Maria, but the support of the comic book community was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. We had comic books dedicated to the perseverance of the future of Puerto Rico and conventions dedicated to organizations that support those in need. After Maria, I have to say, I’m proud of being part of such an amazing community.

The Importance of Puerto Rico Comic Con (Nerdist News Edition) by Nerdist


Thank you all who have supported Puerto Rico!!!

Featured Image: Hurricane Maria 2017 09 18 by Antti Lipponen


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